Transport Systems Installations


Metal pillars can be of quadratic spatial form having isolated foundations or in some cases two pillars, the foundation may be common.

The static structure is that of a beam with secured lattices by x-squares on all sides, to form a rigid and compact spatial structure that to work on efforts, uniform and unitary.

The angle of inclination of the legs of the pole with respect to the sideparallel to the alignment of the installation usually varies between 18º and 23º. On the side faces of the pillar, the supporting beams are collinear from bottom to top (they are not inclined).

Usually, the legs of the pole are inclined, calculated in so as to take the compression efforts from the pits of the straight structure at the top of the structure, as well as the efforts from the direct loads that press on the beams of the pillar beam (direct charging from cable pressing, maximum moving force from the weight of the full cable car, own weight), lateral efforts (wind action), elongation and compression efforts at temperature, etc.